Robert Williams believes ‘appearance matters’

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2011

“Appearance Matters: Yes, it does!” These are the motivating words behind the actions of Robert Williams, shown above, as he removes a piece of roadside trash near his home. A resident of 777 South River Road, Robert’s Hayloft Farm is participating in the N.C. Adopt a Highway Program in Polk County. In doing so, he has agreed to pick up pieces of discarded roadside litter along a 2-mile section of state roadway at least four times a year for a period of four years. Have you ever been annoyed by the litter you see along our Polk County roadways or in front of your house? Would you like to join Williams and other volunteers in this project? The Polk County Appearance Commission is active in promoting a clean and green environment and could use your help in extending the reach of this key program. Information is available on or by looking up NCDOT AAH Program on the Internet. You may also call Burt Baer, serving on the Polk County Appearance Commission, at 828-859-9031 for more information. (photo submitted)

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