Sitton wins VFW Post 10349 Patriot’s Pen essay contest

Published 3:29 pm Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pictured are VFW Post 10349 Mill Spring Quartermaster/District 16 Commander Johnny Taylor (left) and the Ladies Auxiliary President Geraldine Taylor (right) presents Kimzey Sitton (center) with a check from winning the Patriot’s Pen essay. (photo submitted)

Kimzey Sitton, a sixth grader at Polk County Middle School, won the VFW Post 10349 Mill Spring Patriot’s Pen essay contest.

The title of her essay was “Does Patriotism Still Matter?” She won at the post level and she came in third at the District 16 level for her 2010 essay.

The following is Sitton’s essay:

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Does Patriotism Still Matter?

by Kimzey Sitton

Does patriotism still matter? Yes, it does! It matters to the people in service. They are the people who risk their lives for patriotism and for us.

They are the people who love and devote their lives just to have everything from education to freedom, just for us! It is showing American citizens pride, joy and freedom.

Yes it still matters; when we say the Pledge of Allegiance for our freedom. It matters because we are showing pride to our country when we sing the national anthem. Showing patriotism is showing love, joy, pride and loyalty to our country. Showing patriotism is not just celebrating the fourth of July. We can do more than that by help support our troops who are risking there lives for this country.

Yes, it still matters! In everybody including me, patriotism still lies in everybody’s heart somewhere. We show patriotism when we elect presidents to run our country. When our presidents care for our country they will always show patriotism by leading us down the right path. When I look at the American flag I realize what patriotism really means. I love our country and I think everybody does to. I’m glad I live in this country where we are free.

Yes it still matters! When teachers are teaching us about America that is what I think patriotism is. We do things that we don’t know is patriotic for our country. We should be glad that we live in a free country. Patriotism is love, loyalty, caring, pride and joy that lie s in our heart. We should be proud of the people who show patriotism for us. Plus, we should also be proud of the people that have died for us in war just to keep us free and made it possible for us to get a good education. If it I wasn’t free then I wouldn’t know what patriotism meant.