The rest of Sarge’s story

Published 1:15 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lucking out

A few weeks ago I told the tale of Sarge, the beautiful 3-year-old brindle Boxer, and since then many have asked how he was doing.

His heartworm was so severe it was thought he had Vena Cava, which is almost always a death sentence.

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When I learned of his condition I took him from the shelter and brought him to Bonnie Brae’s vet clinic. Using my fund I wished to give Sarge every chance of life that I could.

His condition was too weak to begin heartworm treatment so he was put on a three-week regimen to build up his system.

Sarge responded beautifully and though all symptoms were there, Vena Cava was ruled out and stress was deemed the cause. This upped his chances for life but he still had a severely high heartworm count.

From the beginning Sarge had one very important thing in his favor – he was wanted. Two great ladies, Dana and Joan, found him a foster to adopt, almost immediately.

All we had to do was get him well, which was my intent one way or another. I can’t help but reflect on the thousands of animals throughout our country that do not have a health problem but are simply unwanted. Oh well, I’d best get back to what I promise myself for my own sanity – one at a time.

I have received wonderful photos and a great letter telling me how Sarge was doing. I was there the day Dana Patterson picked him up from

Bonnie Brae’s for a foster to adopt for her brother Derek. I sent him off with a kiss and a prayer. Dana impressed me as a very caring person and I was happy for my boy. His medicines and treatment procedure were sent off with him.

Sarge is now strong and healthy enough to begin his heartworm treatments, which started on March 28.

Derek has now fully adopted him and Dana’s words are “you should see them together, what a pair.” The only bad news is that he’s in Charlotte, but pictures and updates will do me just fine. The good news is the vet in Charlotte is a personal friend with Dana and Derek and he has taken over the expense of Sarge’s treatment. I was told I could use the funds to help other animals.

How can you not love these people?

Dana Mayer, who initially helped facilitate Sarge’s adoption with her friend, emailed me she heard the news of the fees being shifted to the adopters and said, “Lennie, you lucked out.” She was just joking of course, but I think it was Sarge and others I can help who really have lucked out.

As for you Sarge, I’ve had many conversations with the big boss in the sky on your behalf. You and I both know, luck had nothing to do with it.

Thanks for listening.