Donnie and Marie: Out of sight

Published 10:33 am Friday, March 18, 2011

A pair of kittens arrived at Foothills Humane Society approximately a month and a half ago, so for all intent and purposes, they are still kittens.

Donnie and Marie. (photo submitted)

Unfortunately kittens arriving at the shelter are not an uncommon event, thus stories pertaining them would quickly become redundant.

This pair though, quite different in appearance, were from the same litter. They were whimsically named, Donnie and Marie. Donnie, the male, is a short-haired orange tabby, while Marie sports a silky long haired bluish grey coat.

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It was quickly learned that the siblings had degenerative eye problems and drops and salves were immediately administered. Marie turned out to be totally blind while Donnie had sight in one eye but the other eye was severely swollen.

In their cages, Donnie was Marie’s guide as he lovingly brought her toys, led her to the litter box and shared his food and water. Both absolutely loved human interactions as they cuddled and purred with each touch.

It goes without saying they captured everyone’s heart at the shelter.

Except for her blindness Marie’s eyes soon cleared but Donnie’s bad eye would not heal. He was sent off to Cloverfield Veterinary clinic in Green Creek to have it permanently closed because it was deemed useless. Marie immediately went into a funk and became listless without her brother.

We learned that very evening that Donnie too was behaving in the same manner.

The very next morning Marie was sent to be with Donnie. Once together they soon became playful and loving again. For the time it took to heal and close Donnie’s eye, both were happy to be together. When they were brought back to the shelter they resumed their playfulness and continued to steal hearts.

Today they are being fostered in the loving home of Julie, a good friend and volunteer to the shelter.

Julie nearly lost her precious cat Riley in a fire but today Riley is healed and getting along with her German Shepherd and three other cats.

I’ve recently visited Donnie and Marie and was amazed on how well they were doing. They are still as loving and playful as ever and I could never imagine a heart not being broken as you touch Marie as she begins purring and seeks out your hand. At first she was carried to her food, water and litter but Donnie soon taught her what to do.

We may never know what creates such bonds between animals. I have seen it often but never at this level.

I have also witnessed such bonds between animals and humans and have been privileged to experience them personally.

Someday the right people will come to the Humane Society and adopt this pair of wonderful kittens, for it is obvious that they must go together.

These people will be lucky enough to experience this glorious bond and if they play their cards right, they too can become a part of it. I can’t think of a happier conclusion for these two precious felines.

It would be more than wonderful, it out be out of sight.