Think before judging

Published 4:14 pm Friday, March 11, 2011

To the Editor:
Prejudice is defined as an attitude of hostility against an individual, group or race; an opinion before sufficient knowledge.
One of the prejudices of our age demonizes Muslims.
Blaming all Muslims for the beliefs and actions of Islamic radicals (extremists) is like blaming all Christians for atrocities such as the murder/suicide part by the Jim Jones cult in French Guyana some years ago. Or equating Christian theology with religious drivel (stupid and careless talk) often expressed on religious television shows.
Prejudice is the same color whether from the likes of Osama ben Laden and terrorist groups or you and me and hate groups in our own society.
It condemns the innocent as well as the guilty.
I hope Americans will become the more studious, thinking fair-minded people our country and the world need.
Prejudice solves no problems.
–– Maryneal Jones

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