Mending broken hearts: Popper’s tale

Published 11:09 am Friday, March 11, 2011

I have very little involvement in this weeks tale, save for the fact that I visited Popper often at Pet Tender Angels.

Lori Jewell, who began this fabulous rescue organization, is a dear and cherished friend. Knowing how I have a tendency to gravitate toward animals who have problems, it won’t be hard to see why Popper was the highlight of my visits.

Popper is a medium-sized pit mix who was found as a stray around 2 ½ years ago, with her foreleg severely mangled. The cause wasn’t known, a car accident, abuse or simply caught in something, were all possible scenarios. Be that as it may, the nerve damage was too far gone for the leg to be saved and for the past two years Popper has gotten around on three limbs. Her warmth, friendliness and agility were not hindered in the least. My nickname for her became “Popper the heart stopper.”

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Many years ago, the Remeta family adopted Abby, a Labrador retriever from the Humane Society.

The story of how this very special girl and the Remeta family saved each other was published in the “Chicken Soup for Dog Lovers” book. Last June, at age 14, Abby had to be put to sleep to end her suffering. I and my readers are aware that God only lends them to us, but we also know what a difficult decision that is to make.

Time and life eventually heal all wounds through cherished memories remain forever. Jennifer and her husband, along with their two boys, Alex, (5) and Stephen (3) have begun putting things together.

Pandora (their cat)pretty much goes along to get along. About six months ago they adopted Shade, a 6 month old lab mix and were busy training the pup when Popper caught Jennifer’s eye on the internet’s Petfinders. The story and the photo captured Jennifer’s heart.

One Saturday Jennifer went out to Pet Tender Angels to volunteer and to actually meet Popper. Jennifer states, “I was a goner after that.”

I could have told her that. Jennifer begged and pleaded with her reluctant husband that they should foster her until she found a home and finally convinced him.

Once home the whole family saw what a special and loving girl Popper was. She immediately bonded with the boys. She runs and plays at breakneck speed with Shade and could care less about Pandora (which was a bit of a worry). Jennifer says, “I believe that old Abby had a hand, or paw, in helping us find each other.” I could have told her that too, “right Monty?”

There are so many wonderful things that can be told in this story, perhaps one day Jennifer will tell it all in another Chicken Soup tale. Jennifer also states, “it took over two years for Popper to find a home, not because of the missing limb, not because she’s a pit mix, simply because she was waiting for us.”

In case you’re wondering, the Remeta’s have fully adopted my sweet Popper and I have been invited to visit anytime I wish. How can I possibly keep from meeting this beautiful family of kindred spirits and my precious heart stopper one more time. For now all hears have been mended, the Remeta’s, Popper’s and most definitely my own.

Thanks for listening.