Chamber capable of running tourism

Published 4:24 pm Friday, March 11, 2011

To the Editor:
Open letter to Polk County Commissioners
Dear Commissioners,
I want to voice my support of moving the Travel and Tourism office to the Foothills Chamber of Commerce office.
The Chamber of Commerce has the facility already in place to operate a tourism office. We can hire an Internet savvy, part-time employee to staff the office and represent our community on weekends and Monday holidays – when tourists are looking for directions and information.
The chamber has proven to be able to provide excellent service under controlled budgets. It is respected among the business owners – especially those businesses that rely on the tourist dollars.
For example: There are at least 83 member businesses directly related to tourism, including 16 accommodations providers (the large majority of whom are located within Polk County), – 16 restaurants, 14 shops and stores, and 5 equestrian-related organizations, as well as entertainment businesses, spas, golf courses, museums, wineries and real estate businesses.
Moving the Travel and Tourism will allow a higher percentage of monies to be allocated directly to marketing our county to the rest of the world.
Bill Crowell, Saluda Forge
28 year member of the Chamber of Commerce; board member of Travel and Tourism, Tryon.
– Bill Crowell,
owner Saluda Forge

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