Politics is politics

Published 10:48 am Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To the Editor:
There’s been a lot of accusations by local Republicans that Democrats are using “politics” to get their way. 
They’re also mad at Democrats because they have a majority in the Board of Commissioners and use that majority to advance their causes. This they allege is “politics.” At least a couple have used the phrase “nasty politics.” There have been other uses of the word “politics” and “political” as if these words are epithets.
All members of the Polk County Commissioners are politicians. All were elected to represent the best interests of most people in Polk County. 
As politicians, everything they do, in their capacity as commissioners, is political. It may also be partisan, although not necessarily, but it is definitely political.   
Since there are three Commissioners who are Democrats and two who are Republicans, why would Ted Owens and Tom Pack think the Democrats would accede to their wishes and not use their political power to address their own party’s agenda? I don’t believe for a minute that Mr. Owens or Mr. Pack expect Democrats to behave any differently, they just want to make it seem like the Dems are doing something wrong as if they had the majority, they wouldn’t do the same thing.
So if “politics” is so bad for those Republicans who use that word as if it is something evil does that mean they are getting out of politics? I don’t think so. When a person’s words are different from their actions, I always believe their actions. 
I say this to all of the commissioners: The people elected all of you to represent their best interests. 
I don’t think constant harping about who’s in the majority or who’s playing politics is serving those interests. If you aren’t willing to cooperate in order to do the people’s business, maybe the people of Polk County will find those who will, at the next election. 
–– Neb Conner

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