Foothills Humane Society reminds community to spay or neuter your pet

Published 3:03 pm Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring is in the air, and the kittens and puppies will soon follow if you are not prepared. Four to five million animals are destroyed in America’s animal shelters each year.

Over 600 unwanted puppies and kittens came to the Foothills Humane Society’s Shelter alone in 2010. Many were so malnourished and sick that they could not be saved. It costs Foothills Humane Society hundreds of dollars for each to care for the 1,500 animals coming to the shelter.

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Most of this tragedy and expense could easily be prevented by a simple, inexpensive spay neuter operation. You can be part of the solution:

• Make an appointment with your vet early before your animal is in heat or pregnant and additional costs are charged. Females as young as six months can get pregnant and have 20 offspring a year, rapidly increasing your costs. Talk to your vet as prices and services very with the size of the animal.

• If you can’t afford to pay for your pet’s surgery, call Foothills Humane Society and ask about the SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program). Discount coupons are available to apply against the cost of your vet’s charges. Vouchers for surgeries donated by area vets are available for people needing more financial help. Vouchers for Pit and Pit crosses are available for free, regardless of ability to pay.

• If you have stray or feral cats, the Community Cats Project offers free surgery, rabies and ear tip if the cat can be returned to your property. This is not an income-based program, and anyone needing help controlling “free roaming” outdoor cats should call Dana Mayer, community cats project coordinator, at 894-2088.

• Rabies shots are required by law, and can be obtained at Foothills’ monthly vaccination clinic. 5-in-1 vaccinations will be available. The first clinic of 2010 will be held on March 19 at the shelter.

• If you already have puppies or kittens, Foothills will help you place them if you agree to have mom fixed. Call for details.

• Adopt your pet from Foothills rather than buying or taking a “free” puppy or kitten. All of Foothills’ animals are fully vetted, come spayed or neutered and with all age appropriate shots, microchipped and with a free gift of 30 days pet insurance. You will save a life and stop the business of irresponsible breeders and cruel puppy mill operations. Let Foothills know what you are looking for as many animals are adopted even before they come to the shelter as we help people to re-home their pets for many reasons. “Shop” the Foothills website,

• Don’t breed your dog. Breeding is rarely profitable, and Foothills often gets puppies from breeders who are unable to sell them. Vet costs with complications can be very high.

Lots of help is available in our community to stop the cycle of unwanted “throw away” companion animals.

For more information, contact Foothills Humane Society at 828-853-4444, 989. The shelter is located on Little Mountain Road in Columbus.