Thankful thinkers and doers

Published 9:34 am Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To the Editor:
When I read last week’s article about benches being crafted for the mobile DMV in Columbus and how that all came about, the first thing I said was, “Oh my gosh!” The thought that prompted that response was based on my own personal experience with standing in line at this DMV.
It was a couple of months ago on a cool sunny day. After about 30 minutes of standing there with my (patient, I might add) fellow standers consisting of about 10 people of various ages, it became clear that we were going to be there much longer than I thought, as the line grew.
I wondered how folks from days gone by, must have endured harsh weather and discomfort with this inconvenient process. Then I thought out loud and said, “The least ‘they’ could do is have some benches out here.”
The response I received ensured me this had been contemplated before. By the time I reached my turn to complete the task of licensure I was so glad to get back to my car that the thought faded away and I continued with other business.
But wow! Here I am reading about how another ‘thinker,’ Steve, took it to the doing phase and now it is becoming a reality. What a comfort it is to know that people are considerate enough to think of others in ways to make this a great place to live.
I am sure that this good deed has, and will cause a positive reaction. It’s like paying it forward.
Ending with another unrelated article about the pineapple growing in Polk County, I thought “how cool is that?!”
Then I took a doing step and asked my local grocery store produce manager, Martin, if he had read the article about growing pineapples in the TDB.
Ironically he not only read it, he knew the man who grew it, and had first-hand success of growing one himself. He proceeded to give me instructions on how to grow one of my own, then took it to the doing stage and gave me a starter pineapple top to try. You see what I mean about thinkers and doers?!
Thanks to all the ‘Steve’s and Martin’s’ out there who inspire us to be better than we think we can, with unselfish acts, lending leadership that enriches our lives. I can’t wait to see the beautifully crafted benches in use, and after two years I hope to be eating my home grown pineapple! It has certainly all become worth the wait.
–– Debbie Hedgepath

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