Foothills Duplicate Bridge results

Published 11:29 am Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The following are the results of the Foothills Duplicate Bridge games played Thursday, Feb. 17.

Morning Restricted Pairs

Section A – North-South

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1. Marily Williams, Ivalee Rymer; 2. George Cashau, Donald Cobb; 3. Silvia Crouse, Carole Stuenkel; 4. H. Ingram Willis Jr., Mariana Tarpley.


1. Robert Palmer, David Hart; 2. Mary Elder, Chuck Elder; 3. Clifford Beck, Betty Lee Shaw; 4. Don Tucker, Leslie Tucker.

Section B – North-South

1. William Kelly, Peggy Henson; 2. Jack Williams, Archie Hardy; 3. Ken Yeager, Michael Verbonic; 4. Barbara Clegg, Nan Shively.


1. Stephanie White, Martha Frederick; 2. Esther Taylor, Louise Hagy; 3. Ronald Wingo, Charlie Stratford; 4. Elizabeth Murray, Janice Matthisen.

Afternoon Open Pairs


1. Pat Fiol, Mariana Tarpley; 2. Chris Ter Kuile, Robbie Ter Kuile; 3. Lou Murch, Kathy Bartlett; 4. Ken Yeager, Ivalee Rymer.


1. Bill Norteman, Carl Coghill; 2. Linda Sherer, Mel Rogers; 3. James Cobb, Sally Jo Carter; 4. Mary Elder, James Gumbert.