Commissioners missed opportunity for good volunteer

Published 5:04 pm Monday, February 14, 2011

To the Editor:
The board of commissioners missed an opportunity to put a really good volunteer on the Polk County Recreation Advisory Board when they denied approval for David Moore. Once again, they opted for a partisan decision rather than what is best for our county.
The reason for the Democrats’ decision was cited as being based upon David’s behavior and temperament.
They must have missed the fact that he has been an instructor for the driver’s education program for years. He has taught a great number of our children to drive. That takes a very special temperament, indeed. Speaking as a parent whose teenager was lucky enough to have had him as an instructor, I can tell you that he taught our teens excellent driving skills while making it fun. David has attained the status of “really chill” with the students, which, in “teenspeak,” is the highest compliment they can bestow upon an adult.
As the former chairman of the Polk County Republican Party, I have worked with David over the past two elections when he ran as a candidate for the Polk County Board of Commissioners. Those were stressful times, to be sure. In good times and in bad, David was always a gentleman and sought to continue to find new ways to problem solve.
It is true that David has called the board of commissioners to task for decisions that they have made.
I’m sure that is an unpopular trait with the majority of the board. However, if they had bothered to check with the parents and children of the T-ball teams and the driver’s education program, I am sure that they would have found that he is great with the kids. He would be a real asset to the Recreation Advisory Board because he truly cares about the youth of Polk County. He works with children as his chosen profession and donates his free time to coaching.
If that does not qualify him to be on the board, I cannot imagine what would.
— Cheryl Every

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