Public hearing tomorrow on new business district in Tryon

Published 5:55 pm Friday, February 11, 2011

Tryon residents can voice their opinions tomorrow regarding the town’s proposed new transitional business district (TBD) on either side of downtown.
A public hearing will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 15, at the Tryon Fire Department at 7 p.m.
Tryon is currently considering changes to its commercial zoning districts, including creating the TBD, which would allow uses similar to the town’s downtown, or central business district (CBD), and setback and parking requirements similar to the town’s general business district (GBD).
The TDB is being proposed to replace two sections of the town’s current GBD district, from the railroad tracks to the Carolina Drive area on one side and from Howard Street to the intersection of Hwy. 108 and U.S. 176 on the other side of downtown.
The TBD is intended to provide a buffer between the primarily pedestrian uses in the CBD and the more automobile-oriented uses in the GBD, according to the proposed zoning ordinance.
The changes will affect only new businesses or businesses that have a change in use.
Another proposed change in the zoning ordinance is to rezone the Palmer Street block to CBD. The block includes Stott’s Ford, Thompson’s Landscaping and the town’s utility building and parking lot. The block was rezoned a few years ago to GBD from CBD in order to allow Stott’s Ford to add a paint room.
The proposed changes to the Palmer Street rezoning would make Stott’s and the town’s lot non-conforming, but both uses would be grandfathered. Stott’s Ford can continue as a car business and could also sell to another car business or another conforming business, but could not be sold for a nonconforming use.
The town is also proposing to prohibit drive-through and drive-in restaurants and buildings larger than 9,999 square feet in every zoning district. Churches, governmental offices and animal services in the CBD are also prohibited in the proposal.
Tryon Town Council could vote on the proposed changes tomorrow night following the public hearing, but will likely take comments into account and vote on the changes in March.

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