Owner of dumped kittens should be ashamed

Published 4:04 pm Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday night my husband and I had the daunting task of rescuing three kittens which had been dumped near the old iron bridge off of Jackson Grove / Pacolet not far from Sandwich hill. How heartless can people be?

These kittens were dumped at dark just as it started to sleet, they were crying, terrified and starving.

I can’t believe the very next day after that huge article in the TDB ran about Petsmart granting money to the Po’kitty program to assist in spay and neuters that someone could still be that cruel.

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To the person who dumped them SHAME ON YOU, SPAY YOUR CAT!

To all area pet owners – you can be part of the problem or part of the solution.

If your cat or dog is not spayed or neutered I ASSURE YOU, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

With all that this community has to offer in financial assistance and otherwise to area pets, there is simply NO excuse for unaltered cats and dogs around here. PERIOD.

A huge thank you to Dana Mayer w/ Po’kittys and Foothills Humane society for all that you guys do!

Thanks for listening,

Michelle Drum