Politically correct can go too far

Published 4:06 pm Friday, February 4, 2011

The odd balls are starting to crawl out of the woodwork now. People like radical left wing extremists and gun control freaks. You know., the ones who claim guns kill people. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

To prove this sit down at your kitchen table with a deck of cards and place a gun on top of the table. Start a game of solitaire and continue until the gun goes mad and starts shooting at you. Then we’ll see which comes first.

You getting wounded by an unruly gun or suffering from muscular atrophy from lack of exercise. You may be in for a long game.

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If guns kill people are we to assume President Kennedy was assassinated by a maniacal rifle that bounded up the stairway of the schoolbook depository in Dallas, crawled up in the window and started blazing away at the motorcade?

If this be true, why did they arrest Lee Harvey Oswald?

Why didn’t they arrest the rifle and put it behind bars till it rusted?

That’s like saying drunk drivers don’t run over people. Cars do. So I suppose we’re to lock up the car till the tires dry-rot and let the driver go home and sleep it off. We could outlaw automobiles, I guess.

How many carpenters in the process of building a house have missed the nail and mashed a thumb instead?

Out of these how many have sued the hammer for assault? Would outlawing hammers solve this problem?

Do we outlaw fishing nets because lobsters have ended up meeting their demise as a result? Some from PETA might agree.

Now, in the wake of the carnage in Tucson there are some who don’t blame a lone nut-case with a semi-automatic for causing all the havoc but instead want to place the blame on Sarah Palin for sitting at a desk in Alaska drawing targets on a map.

Now the politically correct or PC police are getting in on the action, Some want the word “target” banned from public use and one network has barred reporters from using the word in their reports. Next they’ll want Target stores to change their name.

Insanity is alive and well in the world today. I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “Stupid people shouldn’t breed.” Maybe there’s a message here because you can’t fix stupid.

Wayne Bilbrey