Mother Nature is busy

Published 10:44 am Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Turns out winter in the Thermal Belt isn’t quite what I was expecting my first year in Tryon.
I’m warm-natured at heart, have always loved the sun and the warm weather, and in doing my research about the area the term Thermal Belt caught this warm-weather lover’s attention.
When we moved here my husband encouraged me to buy an SUV, told me I was going to need it in the winter. I laughed and said, “We live in the Thermal Belt – it will be fine.” Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature about the Thermal Belt, and the laugh is on me.
I spent two days at the lake unable to go anywhere as Mother Nature created a spectacular ice skating rink where the road used to be. I was effectively stuck at home, a prisoner in this winter wonderland. There was no way my little car would navigate those hills and curves on the ice. If only I had four-wheel-drive, if only I had listened to my husband, how much easier life would be.
Yes, honey, I admit it, you were right.
I would probably still be at home if it weren’t for Ed and Vicky Justice of Lake Lanier. They braved the treacherous trip around the lake in their four-wheel-drive pick-up to bring me into work. A warm thank you to Ed and Vicky for coming to my rescue. I sure appreciate it.
Wednesday I received a call from Bos Vining, who with her husband Seth, used to own the Tryon Daily Bulletin. She wanted to know how we were doing at the Bulletin. It was my first conversation with her and I was sure glad I could tell her we were doing fine. That, in spite of the weather, we didn’t miss a day of printing.
We had employees who walked a mile to get to work through the snow and ice, others borrowed four-wheel vehicles to make the trip, picking up others on the way. All pitched in, doing whatever was necessary to make sure the Tryon Daily Bulletin published each day.
If your paper was late, we hope you will understand, and if you missed a copy you can pick up one up at our office. Stay warm and stay safe – Mother Nature is busy this year.
Betty Ramsey is the publisher of the Tryon Daily Bulletin. Her email address is

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