What will I be?

Published 3:43 pm Friday, January 14, 2011

Todays saga will be short because well be talking about a puppy, if you could call him that. After all, how much is there to tell about a pup who was merely 8 weeks old at the time of this writing.

Toro came into us as a stray, who had barely been done whelping, if at all.&bsp; How long hed been loose is hard to say. &bsp;

He arrived with some hair loss on his head and facial area, which we later learned was demodex mange, but other than that he was pretty fit. He is currently being treated and fostered at Paulas until his mange clears up.

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When I arrived at the shelter on some unrelated business, Lani pulled me aside with a gleam in her eyes and said, Lennie, have you met Toro? The staff at F.H.S. know me pretty well, but no one comes closer to reading my heart than Lani.

Through the years we have agreed and disagreed on many things, but have emerged with a friendship that I value highly.

I went into the isolation room where Toro was being kept and opened his cage and then my heart stopped.&bsp; Out bounded this ball of energy with a big, bold head and four paws that looked lie boat oars.

One of my favorite movies of all times is Turner and Hooch, which I must of seen a dozen times. The movie flashed across my mind in an instant because Toro reminded me of a little Hooch. I laughingly began to play with him and at that moment I dont know who was more excited, he or I.

Toro is listed as a bulldog mix and everyone was discussing, mixed with what? As different breeds were bantered about, Lani yelled out, Horse.

We all began laughing, for you see, at 8 weeks old, Toro already weighs 30 pounds.

Toro is full of energy and will play with anyone or anything that gives him attention.

He plays happily and lovingly and is without a doubt, a heart stopper.&bsp; He asked me on our visit, What am I Uncle Lennie?&bsp; You are most definitely a DAWG, I replied.

With that he licked my face and once again my heart stopped.

Thanks for listening.