Chuck Ross

Published 2:39 pm Friday, January 7, 2011

To the Editor:
. . . or, to be more formal, Colonel Charles Coolidge Ross. His last letter to the TDB clearly demonstrated what a “class” person he was.
I was deeply saddened, first to learn of Chuck’s failing health and the bleak prospect of his not having much time left among us.
To let us know that he was not long for this world was an act of courage and consideration to his friends and family, indeed, the community he loved so deeply and served so well.
Then, to learn of his passing, it was the end of an era, of sorts. Chuck was a notably good citizen and left much indelible evidence of his having been here. He was, among other things, a first-rate historian.
His frequent letters to the TDB were always unfailingly well-written and, while not always well-received by some, were clearly supported by, and rooted in, sound, undeniable historical facts.
He was also a teacher, skillfully sharing his vast knowledge of American history – particularly military history – with others. It’s been said that no higher compliment can be paid to a person other than to simply declare him to be a “teacher”. I agree!
But Chuck was also a Soldier, “. . . to carry on under adverse conditions”, “. . . a person who serves his country.”
He was a Colonel in the Field Artillery. While he was a high- ranking officer and I a lowly enlisted man, we exchanged many stories of our experiences and the key role of artillery in Europe during WWII.
But above all, Chuck was a Christian gentle-man who loved family, friend, community and his church where he served as an Elder.
To observe that he will be missed is an understatement. No one can possibly fill the vacuum left by Chuck Ross.
— Bill Wuehrmann

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