Sacrifice politics to make tough choices

Published 2:41 pm Monday, January 3, 2011

To the Editor:
Well here we go again. We have extended tax cuts. Is that a good thing?
For some, they would say so. However, if you look at the consequences maybe not.
The people that make more than $250,000 are going to get to keep more of their money. The middle class as well. And small businesses will benefit. With incentives to expand.
All good news. Right? Not so, the two parties have come up with a way to make us all feel good, but have done nothing to decrease the debt.
As a matter of fact, they have increased the deficit by $858 billion dollars. That is not solely Obama’s fault.
The republicans, pushed for certain earmarks and incentives, that caused the price to go up.
Yet, neither party talked about curbing spending. The reason?
Where do you cut?
Whom do you offend?
What voting block do you alienate?
After all the 2012 Presidential election is coming, can we afford to make any one group mad?
In order to evoke change in our fiscal policy, the politicians are going to have to suck it up and make some hard choices.
To name a few, defense, social security, medicaid, medicare, foreign aid, and many others. They will have to do away with the ear mark policy, if you wash my back I wash yours.
You can not run a house when there is more month, than money. They have to stop.
The problem is both parties are so deep in the trough, they can find no way out. It will take hard decisions, and sacrifice, on the part of the politicians, and the people to get us back to where we should be.
The major question is are we willing to make that sacrifice?
—David L. Blivens

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