Not what I was dreaming of

Published 8:37 pm Monday, December 27, 2010

It was around Christmas time about six years ago, and it was getting really cold. My family was barely making it through the year, and the winter months made it even harder.

At that time, we were using a little kerosene heater that was almost constantly running out of fuel and was barely warm enough to heat a room, let alone a house with five rooms. At times we would have to take turns having the kerosene heater in our rooms. When I didnt have it in my room, I would have to wear two or three pairs of socks and still be cold.

It was getting close to Christmas, and I had a feeling I wouldnt get much so I didnt talk about what I wanted. My momma had a talk with me that my Christmas would be scarce, and that I may not get what I wanted. By that time, I had figured out that Christmas wasnt going to be what I was dreaming of.

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I was beginning to experience what millions of unlucky children all around the world were experiencing every Christmas.

My grandma, grandpa, and my momma were determined to make my Christmas better than it seemed like it would have been. There was a program that helped families going through a hard times and helped kids have a better Christmas.

On Christmas Day I woke up to great gifts.

Chris Meeks is a student in Alan Peoples freshman language arts class at Polk County High School.