Excessive spending does nothing but increase deficit

Published 3:24 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To the Editor:
I see where the current leaders of the Democrat Party … Barack Obama,  Harry Reid and  Nancy Pelosi are in full accord with the reason they took such a “shellacking” in the recent midterm elections: it was those durn Repbublications who did it!!
Of course, the American people did not like the Democrat agenda; such as sending out billions to bail out some, but not all business enterprises, saving subprime mortgages and running up trillions of debt for social projects, such as Obamacare through mandatory health insurance and other socialized medicine practices.
These expenditures will be paid for by the middle class and the “rich”, while those with low incomes will be given a free ride.
President Obama and Mr Crawford attack Republicans for selfishly refusing “to provide health care for those that do not have it”. This is not true. There are ways for all Americans to gain health care.
According to the September 2009 Census, 45.6 million people in this nation do not have health insurance; yet they could obtain affordable health care under present programs. Who are these people and why don’t they have adequate insurance?
About 17.6 million earned at or above the 2008 median income of $50,303 and could afford to buy insurance or receive it through employers still providing insurance; but have not done so.
Almost 5.8 million were unemployed or in between jobs, a figure which varies with the times. Of this group, these people could join the 12 million who are eligible for Medicaid, but have not registered.
Of these, 35.4 million  are American citizens while the remaining 10.2 are immigrants, 5.6 million are illegal. There is a path for immigrants to achieve medical care if the politicians would cease squabbling and take necessary action.
Now, these figures are a year old, but the number of unemployed has dropped a small amount  (to 9 percent), so the situations should show slight improvement? However, problems remain, but the point is that the health care system need not be so grim. It would seem to me that a far better solution would be to take advantage of programs in being, with improvements rather than shove expensive socialized medicine down our throats.
Another solution to the economic situation is tax cuts for all. Qualified economists tell us that raising taxes during recession is sheer madness. Reasonable tax cuts bring money in; not take it out.
During the Kennedy, Reagan and George W Bush administrations, tax cuts across the board resulted in more revenue for the simple reasons that industry had more of their own money to improve business by hiring more labor, thus producing better products and bringing in more income. Due to pay raises, employees had more money to spend, thus helping other industry.
The Democrats will tell you that these tax cuts added to the deficit; but this is not correct. Pork barrel spending , mostly by Democrats caused the deficits. Both Reagan and Bush did some spending on their own; but the expenditures were for national defenses, resulting in the fall of the Soviet Union during the late 1980’s and the conduct of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq commencing in 2002.
Anti-war liberals claim these MidEast Wars were unnecessary; however, does anyone believe attacks such as 9-11 would have ceased had we done nothing about that outrage. Wars are expensive, and freedom is not free.
— Chuck Ross

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