Up pops golden Leo

Published 2:45 pm Friday, December 17, 2010

Leo is a little golden retriever mix that is cute as a button.
He reminds me of a smaller version of sweet Baja, who is now Prince. When he first came to us, every thing about him suggested he’d be a quick adoption, save he was heartworm positive. I try to give all of my kids some sort of attention, but reserve extra effort to those who have special needs in one form or another. I guess you can say that about all of them, but I think you understand my meaning.
Around a month ago we were once again overloaded with animals and many of our dog runs were doubled up. After consulting with the powers that be, I decided to use my fund to send Leo to Landrum vet to begin treatment and make space at F.H.S. Except for a visit now and then, Leo was pretty much off my radar because of what I deemed more pressing matters.
A few weeks ago, Leo was scheduled to be neutered and to check on some blood in his urine. After that he was to be brought back to F.H.S. for adoption. Nothing seemed too serious but after visiting Flash at Bonnie Brae and Falcon at Landrum, I gave some extra attention to Leo to comfort him. The next day I learned from Dr. Donna Raines that they found some other fluids and sent off a sample to learn what was going on. Donna expressed to me a fear of cancer, which would probably render him unadoptable. I was devastated and immediately put Leo on the top of my prayer and worry list. I was also feeling a bit guilty that I hadn’t afforded this beautiful boy more of my time. The next few days I was on pins and needles and praying hard for favorable results.
During another event, I was approached by a colleague who sits with me on the Red Cross board. She gave me the name of someone who tries to save unadoptable dogs due to injury or illness. I called them that very evening and after explaining who I was and who gave me their number, I told them Leo’s story. They agreed if his test showed he had cancer, they would indeed take him on. I thanked them and blessed them, not only for this help but for what they do. Before hanging up, I promised I would let them know one way or another. After the call, I looked up to the heavens and tearfully whispered, “Thank you Lord.”
Two days later I received the results of Leo’s tests and I learned he was cancer free and his problems were most likely due to stress. As of this writing, Leo is back at the shelter awaiting adoption and you can bet your last dollar he is receiving far more attention from this grateful man. Again , “Thank you Lord.”
Please look in on this beautiful boy and if you can, please think about adding him to your family. You would remove the stress out of his life and I’m certain the love he has to give will most certainly take away whatever stress may be in yours.
Thanks for listening.

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