Just another ordinary Monday

Published 5:04 pm Friday, December 10, 2010

This tale will not have a definite conclusion, though I hope to finalize each case in the future. &bsp;

Ive often explained there are too many things going on for me to write on each of them and Monday was a case in point.

It was an ordinary morning, I had three cases to check on and three to hopefully set in motion. &bsp;

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First was breakfast at T.J.s, where I picked up the papers for the vet and collected funds&bsp; Terry helped me raise through gifts given me to help my kids. &bsp;

Terry is passionate in her support as are Jeanette and Pat, who give me most of the gifts. After T.J.s, two quick stops to check on other dogs, then to Landrum vet to deliver the papers and check on Leo and discuss Falcon.

Donna tells me Leo has a minor problem to check and perhaps neuter him at the same time. I agree and promise to set it up. I then tell her about Falcon, a beautiful 5-year-old Am Staff with the sweetest disposition. This boy is loved by everyone who comes in contact with him and many people have asked me about him, but he is what he is. Falcon is high heartworm positive and I feel hes gone long enough without treatment.

Donna explains what it entails and I tell her F.H.S. will be calling to set it up and bill my fund.&bsp; Donna and I hug and before leaving I speak with Dr. Maiola.

We discuss Chap, a great old hound that belongs to a dear friend. I wish to add something to his medicine thats been very helpful to my old Allie girl. Tommy agrees and will set it up, then proceeds to also give me a hug. I leave the vets laughing, these folks are good for my soul.

I hop onto 26 and head toward Bonnie Braes to handle another situation. Id learned from Chuck at the Red Cross that there was a big fire in Tryon and the people lost their house. I knew these people, they often bring food to F.H.S. for the animals. I also learned they lost two of their cats and the third was badly burned and brought to Bonnie Braes. I went into the vets and asked if I could speak with Dr. Fitch or Dr. Mitchell. Ian wasnt in but Angel would see me as soon as she finished with a patient. While waiting, I learned Dr. Fitch had treated the cat that was burned and it was doing fine. Who handled the bill? I asked. It was put on a running tab, I was told. How much? I again asked. It was a little over $500 all together. Give me the bill, I said, smiling as I wrote a check from my personal fund.&bsp; These people had enough to worry about.

Angel came out and learned what I did and gave me a hug.&bsp; I think I got the best of that deal.

I want to discuss another matter, Angel, if you can help.&bsp; What is it Lennie? I told her about Flash, a beautiful 5-year-old Basset Hound whose family had moved and couldnt take him with them.

Flash has a large fatty tumor on his underside and two smaller ones on his chest and we learned theyre not cancerous, I explained.

Do they need to be removed? Angel asked. Im sure its not imperative, I replied, but they are uncomfortable and removing them would make him far more adoptable.&bsp; My problem is that I may need some help.&bsp; Angel smiled and said, You set it up with the staff and put Flash on my schedule and I will handle it.&bsp; This time it was I who initiated the hug, God how I love the people I deal with.

Next stop was at F.H.S. to put the wheels in motion for Flash, Falcon and Leo.&bsp; I then checked messages and made a quick visit to see all the kids with a little extra time for Tiny, Flash and Falcon.

Upon leaving I realized there were two others I didnt get to today. Oh well, I thought, theres always tomorrow, Ill just make a few phone calls.

Christmas is coming, please put a little aside for my kids, they will greatly appreciate it and I know someone who will surely bless you for it.

Thanks for listening.