Bark in the Park raises $2,200 for Lennie’s Kids

Published 10:07 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

Bark in the Park, a fundraiser for Leonard Rizzo’s organization Lennie’s Kids, which works with the Foothills Humane Society to help find homes for animals, was held recently in Harmon Field.

Rizzo says the event was a great success, raising more than $2,200 for his Lennie’s Kids fund. Many businesses and organizations offered prizes to be raffled off and Gibbs Welding and Crane handled all the cooking and setting up for the event.

According to Rizzo, all participants had a great time, including the dozens of dogs he got to meet and greet.

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“We even had a visit from Champ the wonderful therapy dog,” Rizzo said. “We had so much fun, folks asked if we could do this each month.

“One of my favorite parts of the day was offered to me by Stan, a sweet 16-year-old man-child. Stans chore was to hand out flyers with a list of prizes and who donated them. Stan was diligent on this task and no one was missed I personally received three of them. One of the prizes was a cell phone from Radio Shack and sweet Stan must have told me a dozen times, ‘Mr. Lennie, Ive put five tickets in for the cell phone. I really would like to have it, Im the only one in my family who doesnt have one.

Rizzo said he wished Stan luck, wondering was his parents would do if Stan won the phone. He dismissed this thought right away, he said, thinking they had done a fabulous job with Stan thus far and would work it out.

When the time arrived for Rizzo to draw tickets for the raffle, he said Stan stood in front of him with a look of hope and anticipation.

Mr. Lennie, when will we do the phone? he asked.

Soon, Stan, its coming up. &bsp;

Rizzo said he decided that if Stan didnt win, he would personally buy him a phone and tell him Radio Shack donated another one to give to the best worker at the event.

At last it was time.

Next prize, a cell phone.&bsp; Stan was before Rizzo, his eyes bright as he shifted from one leg to another, trying to curb his excitement.

And the winner is Stan! &bsp;

Stans smile almost split his face, Rizzo said.