A week of blessings

Published 5:06 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

There are two themes I wish to speak of today. Hopefully, I can successfully tie them together.

Tiny, the emaciated boxer that blocked her intestines with a rabbit bone, reached her optimum weight three weeks ago.&bsp; She became strong, healthy and full of life. Her personality was exemplary but she hadnt even been socialized in her life.

Kayla Parrish took her on for a few weeks to play and interact with her group under her supervision. She blended in perfectly and last Friday was brought to F.H.S. for adoption. Shell probably need a fenced yard or someone with the patience to acclimate her to home life but she is sweet&bsp; and smart and I have high hopes.

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A few weeks ago I wrote of Trixie/Patches, the little white with brown patches Am-Staff terrier who taught me a lesson I will not soon forget. The day after her tale was told, she was visited and adopted at Landrum vet. We had her spayed, micro-chipped and all necessary vaccines before letting her go.

I have visited her and the dear adopters and can attest that she is truly loved. More important, she is returning the love in kind.&bsp; By the way, her official name is now Patches. Ive had close calls with two other of my longtime wards (kids if you will), Cosmo and Trixie (the old chow mix). Tis the season and good people in my support system are hard at work in these and many other cases. I could never express enough the gratitude I and my kids have for all those who support my cause in a myriad of ways.

I receive many letters expressing their praise and offering kind words, prayers and money for my funds. I read each one and always answer with words of gratitude from me and my kids.

Two weeks ago I received two letters a day apart. The first was from a dear lady who lost her adult son to Hodgkins Lymphoma one year ago. She expressed how&bsp; she loved reading my Special Cases and wanted to do something to honor his memory. In her letter was a very large donation for Lennies kids and she concluded by saying, My son was a true animal lover so I think he would approve. Thanks for all you do. &bsp;

I was so moved I got in my car and drove to church and hit my knees to pray for her.

The next day I received a letter from my friend Valerie, who adopted Bowser the brindle boxer who was living in a 10×10 pen for three years. Bowser, who now lives with Tess and Riley, is doing marvelously but could lose a little weight dont love him to death, Val.

In the letter were two one dollar bills from a neighbor down the street who wished to help.&bsp; The message was short but very moving: I hope this little bit will help. Keep up the good fight.

For different reasons this letter affected me just as much as the first. So to you, Valerie and your sweet neighbor, and to you dear Rennie, from Tiny, Patches and all my kids, This ones for you.

Thanks for listening.