Bulletin starts new ‘Know Your Neighbor’ feature

Published 1:23 pm Friday, November 19, 2010

The Thermal Belt has a wealth of residents with interesting stories to tell. To make it easier for people to share a little of their stories, the Bulletin today has started a new feature called “Know Your Neighbor.”

One “Know Your Neighbor” feature will run every Thursday in the Bulletin; the first one is shown below.

It’s easy to be featured in a “Know Your Neighbor.” Just pick up a form at the Bulletin’s front desk and answer as many of the questions as you want (see below for the list of questions you can choose from). You can turn in the completed form at the front desk or send it by email to news@tryondailybulletin.com.

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We also need a headshot of you, which you can send to news@tryondailybulletin.com or drop off at the office. If you don’t have a photo, stop by the office and we’ll be happy to take one for you.

Then just watch the Bulletin on Thursdays for your feature. It may take several weeks for yours to appear, depending on how many people have submitted them.

Here are the questions that appear on the form (remember, you can leave out any questions you don’t want to answer):



Occupation and title:

Spouse’s name:

Children’s names and ages:

Church affiliation:

If I could change my name, I’d make it:

Pet I’d like to own:

People say I look like:

Favorite movie of all time:

TV show I never miss:

The secret to happiness is:

I wish I knew how to:

Song I’d love to sing karaoke to:

If I had to eat only three foods for the rest of my life, they would be:

Three words that best describe me:

One superpower I wish I had:

Book currently on my nightstand:

My proudest achievement:

My most humbling moment:

My most recent trip:

My life won’t be complete until:

My friends think I’m:

I really lose my cool when:

Favorite college sports team:

Favorite pro sports team:

Favorite color:

The best life lesson I’ve learned, and who taught me:

Best decision I’ve made in life:

Local charitable or non-profit organization I wish more people would support:

What give me the blues:

My best childhood memory: