Bikes for third-world caregivers

Published 1:39 pm Friday, November 19, 2010

Local camp owner Jim Bob Wilson is going the extra mile to teach his campers that setting goals, trying harder and giving back will make a difference in their lives.

In fact, he’s going many extra miles all the way from San Diego, CA, to Atlantic Beach, FL, on a bicyle. And he plans to do it in less than three weeks, with winter setting in and as he prepares to turn 60 years old.

Wilson has partnered with a non-profit group that provides bikes to caregivers in third-world countries. Called Globalbike, the group is located in Spartanburg, SC.

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The caregivers use the bikes provided by Globalbike to reach families in outlying areas that otherwise would have to wait much longer to get medical or other care they need.

Wilson leaves from San Diego on Thanksgiving day and will hopefully arrive in Atlantic Beach, FL, by Dec. 12. There will be a celebration party on his arrival in Florida and then another in Spartanburg, SC, on Dec. 18. &bsp;

Curt McPhail, director of, said, This Trek Across America by Jim Bob Wilson and his Camp Wayfarer family is the epitome of what Globalbike is all about. We are out there trying to help others by raising awareness. It is never too early to teach children that they can make a difference. Jim Bobs campers will remember this and their contribution to his efforts.&bsp; Becoming a part of something bigger than you can be life changing. That is what Mr. Wilson is going to do for us and for others.&bsp; We are incredibly thankful for his and Camp Wayfarers efforts.

As the owner of a summer camp, Wilson has experience helping to mold youth of today. &bsp;

My wife Nancy and I work hard every summer to instill the values of mental, physical, spiritual, and social ideals. It is very important to us that we use the moments we have while the campers are in our camp community to teach life lessons and to help those beyond self. We hope they leave our family and return to their family enriched and enlightened

Wilson has partnered with his campers to raise both funds and awareness for Globalbike. Each camper is responsible for a specific day during Wilson’s trek. They, not their parents, must sign the commitment card for that day. They are encouraged to follow Jim Bobs trek and to send an uplifting thought for the day e-mail on their assigned date and if possible, to sponsor Wilson by the mile.

The children are encouraged to do the giving, with a penny a mile the initial goal. So far the campers have already donated more than $1,000, and the assigned donation dates havent started yet.

Wilson and the camp have set a goal of 50 bikes for Globalbike, at $150 per bike. It’s a tough goal, Wilson said, but he feels certain that they will reach that by the end of his trek.

His more global hope is that this project will encourage other camps, schools and churches to do the same sort of thing to obtain more bikes for Globalbike.