Where is the moon tonight?

Published 3:39 pm Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding the moon can be fun if you look in a complete updated astronomy book.

Just check with your local Library or bookstore; You need just a few facts (check back if you need more!).

When the moon is in a phase that looks like a ball, its low in the east right after nightfall.

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If on the other hand, it looks like a sickle, its low in the west (ill bet you a nickel)!

But if it appears as one-half of a pie, you might have some trouble, (just between you and I).

That phase was created just to be complicated.

So concentrate mightily and youll be right more rightily!

The half you see lit up from your hot tub or yacht is less than you thought-it-was, believe it or not!

A half moons a quarter, the experts all banter. Moon phases are shaped in a quarterly manner.

If so, then two quarters is one entire pie! I cant hardly explain it (it may be a lie!).

A half moon is a quarter, Selenologists said, The science is settled and been put to bed. But I think that they said it just to mess up your head!

But now lets move on.

When the first quarter moon rises at noon, It will be spherical pretty darn soon!

But when it rises at night, much too late for a hot date, it wont be too long before its all gone! (I mean G- 0- N- E)

Now dont be concerned for almost the next night it will modestly merged into evening twilight.

But may I digress?

It seems I misstated…

The moons not exactly the it I related.

Endowed by a magical most marvelous mystique, the moon as an it seems unseemly to speak.

As the sun is a he like Mars and John Davis.

So the moon is a she like Venus and Mavis.

The feminine gender reflects her true glory (Ive wavered enough now, so back to our story)…

I said she would leave, but soon reappear like a will-o-the-wisp in the thin twilight air.

Aye, indeed, Hallelujah!

You now get a wee rest, for now, (I wont foolyah)!

Shes returned in the low west!

And again, youre reprieved, and can sigh in relief, for in fourteen more days shell be back In the east!

She did all this trickery in less than one months time, and you have all her secrets in just this one short rhyme.

Now as you ponder at length all this technical data, and do the research and the science, et cetera, you remain at a loss as to where shes located, then e-mail Al Gore youll be ap-pre-ci-a-ted!

The moon will be at first quarter on the evening of Saturday, November 13, 2010. Look for it at FENCE with astronomers who can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the moon (which should not take very long)!