FRC Dressage Schooling Show results

Published 3:56 pm Friday, November 12, 2010

The Foothills Riding Club held a dressage schooling show at Harmon Field on Saturday, October 9.

Claudia Novik was the judge. Volunteers were Sandy Davidson, Kathy Korth, Sue Mullen, Darlene Cah, Nancy Hudson, Nancy Grennon, Cobie Smith, Mary Smith, Walker ODuggan, Vicki DePalma, Eliza and Carolyn Culbertson, Margo Savage and Carol Greata.

The following are the results:

Intro A: 1. Susan Haslam, One for the Road.

Intro B: 1. Anne Marie Baker, Ben.; 2. Lisa Tygielski, Cinco De Mayo.

Beg Nov A: 1. Ashley Heslop, Good Friday; 2. Eden Shock, Hocus Pocus; 3. Madeline Mattox, Brewster.

Beg Nov B: 1. Justin Hull, Mercedes.

Novice A: 1. Madeline Mattox, Brewster.

Training 1: 1. Cynthia Dooner, Ma Soeur; 2. Lisa Tygielski, Cinco De Mayo; 3. Camille Beatty, Marco Polo.

Training 2: 1. Camille Beatty, Marco Polo; 2. Rod Hawk, Martian Diamond; 3. Tommy Robinson, Treat.

Training 3: 1. Stephanie Gibson, Summer Blast; 2. Tommy Robinson, Treat.

2nd 1: Lisa Tygielski, Copernicus.

Training 4: 1. Ashley Heslop, Good Friday; 2. Stephanie Gibson, Summer Blast.

2nd 3: 1. Eileen Taylor, Vanida.