Shackleford to perform at FMC concert at ICC Polk November 11

Published 4:23 pm Monday, November 8, 2010

A program of the Foothills Music Club will be presented this Thursday, November 11, at the Isothermal Community College in Columbus, at 3 p.m. This program will be part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Town of Tryon and will be open to the public.

Several club musicians will be performing, including pianist Jeanette Shackleford. Shackleford and her husband, Jim, moved to the area in 2002 from Macon, Ga. Shackleford says that music has been a major part of her life since she was in second grade in Augusta, Ga., when she first started taking piano lessons.

In high school, she studied with Emily Remington in Augusta. Shackleford received her B.A. of music in piano performance from Wesleyan College in Macon and later earned a masters of education with piano and voice from the University of Georgia.

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Besides teaching piano, Shackleford has held several different positions through the years, all in the field of music.&bsp; These included being the music director of an Episcopal church in Atlanta, a music teacher at the Galloway School in Atlanta, and the chairman of the music department at Wesleyan College.&bsp; When she lived in Macon, she was also responsible for starting two community arts programs in that city. Shacklefords husband, Jim, once had a truck leasing business, but now is best known in North Carolina as a fine artist and painter. They have three children and five grandchildren.

On Thursday, Shackleford will play a piece by Mendelssohn. Other performers on the program will include: Fran Creasy, flute, Kathleen Erwin, violin, Lillian Wehr, viola, Kathy Foster, cello, Mimi Child Traxler, piano, and singers Mary Meyers and Elizabeth Gardner.

The public is invited to&bsp; come to this presentation by the Foothills Music Club in the auditorium of the Isothermal Community College at 3 p.m., November 11