Coming full circle

Published 2:22 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

After an extremely busy week, I find myself with lots of tales to tell but not enough time to get all the particulars in line, so I decided to round out some of my latest tales.&bsp; Before I do, I wish to tell you all that our adopt-a-thon was a fun and successful event.&bsp; We didnt quite reach our stated goal but ten dogs and ten cats are now in new forever homes.&bsp; Many thanks to all who came and all who participated to help all our beautiful animals.&bsp; Unfortunately no one took our sweet Abby, though she was a trooper and greeted everyone with all the friendly enthusiasm she could muster.&bsp; If you didnt make it, please come by, there still are a&bsp; lot of wonderful and beautiful pets to be had, especially dear Abby (pun intended).

Molly, the cute little black Cocker that was taken care of at Cloverfield is doing well and nearly recovered.

Tootsie and Drano, the pups found in a drain are now at F.H.S. and are growing like weeds.&bsp; Theyre in with Bizzy, a new pup and are getting along great, theyre only 3 months old and are too cute for words.

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Boomer, the little Pomeranian, who along with Tootsie and Drano, were handled at All Gods Creatures, is playful, healthy and back to his old self.

Kaya, our dog heroine is on all her meds and getting all the love and attention she deserves.&bsp; Shes looking and acting wonderfully and our goal is to get years of quality life for her.

Before I go on, I wish to relay a huge thank you to Dr. Ian Fitch at Bonnie Brae, who helped out one of my kids who has been fostered by some dear friends.&bsp; Though I often speak of the great lady vets I deal with, Tommy at Landrum and Ian at Bonnie Brae, are always there for me involved in many stories that have not been told.

And lastly, the little girl that I am most asked about, Tiny the emaciated Boxer who had a bone blockage in her intestines.&bsp; Tiny weighed in at 33 pounds when she was first brought into Landrum vet.&bsp; I make it my business to visit her nearly every day.&bsp; She has been eating everything in sight and is so full of love she makes every emotion inside of me burst.&bsp; She topped 40 pounds one week after her operation and her latest weigh-in put her at 48 pounds.&bsp; She is just about perfect right now, perhaps around 55 pounds would be the optimum for her.&bsp; She is ready for a new forever home, please see me or Landrum vet if you have any interest.&bsp; I am personally aware of the level of love this breed puts forth, please stop by if you can handle it.

One more thing, I like it when folks who receive one of my kids keep the names that were given to them because that is how I remember them, but in Tinys case Id make an exception.&bsp; Id like to suggest the name Aurora, not only is it beautiful like her, I think it perfectly depicts a new beginning and hopefully a second chance at life.

Thanks for listening.