Nina Simone Tryon birthplace for sale

Published 7:27 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of Tryons most historic properties, the birthplace of the internationally acclaimed jazz legend Eunice Waymon, later Nina Simone, is being offered for sale by the owner, Kipp McIntyre.

The house has been partially restored since McIntyre bought it in 2005. A new foundation was installed, new beams and floor boards. The west wall was replaced.

We had custom windows built based on the memories of a girl who remembered washing them, McIntyre said.

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Wainscoting was purchased from the former Lynn Baptist Church before it was demolished. It was probably the same wainscoting which was milled at Tryon Lumber at the time the Nina Simone house was built, McIntyre said.

Jim Peterman and No Problem Builders were the general contractors.

People are coming from all over the world to see the birthplace of Nina Simone, McIntyre said. This is the house, ground zero for fans. She was literally delivered, born right there.

For McIntyre, the house and its history is one of a community as much as it is the celebrity of its former owners.

This was a community vibrant enough to nurture a little girl, he said.

The old Fred Lyles house was next door, where Lyles had a tennis court, a laundry and a library. The Hannon Barber Shop was just down the street as were the Bryan Stores, and a little further away was the neighborhood juke joint.

For McIntyre, those days of neighborhood businesses should be allowed to return.

Now the entire neighborhood is zoned residential, he said. There is no way even to engage in community business and entrepreneurship.

The effort to sell the historic Waymon house began a few weeks ago with an advertisement in the Bulletin. McIntyre said he will pursue the sell local campaign first, and eventually will begin offering the property internationally.

For more information, Google “Nina Simone birthplace.”