Landrums I-26 billboard replaced accidentally

Published 1:09 pm Monday, October 18, 2010

Local residents driving west on I-26 may have noticed in the last week that Landrums billboard is missing.

The citys billboard, which says, Theres more to do in Landrum, was mistakenly covered up with an Inman billboard sometime last week. The new billboard was supposed to have replaced the existing Inman billboard east of Landrums.

Landrum City Council discussed the mistake made by the billboard company, Fairway Advertising, during a meeting Tuesday. City administrator Steve Wolochowicz told council he plans to negotiate some free service from Fairway once the billboard is replaced. The billboard was supposed to be re-instated sometime this week.

Landrum Mayor Bob Briggs said he noticed last Thursday evening that the billboards light was out, then on Saturday the billboard was gone.

Council also discussed Tuesday how to advertise for the citys Christmas stroll this year. The idea of placing a notice on top of Landrums billboard stating the date and time of the stroll (Dec. 2 from 5 to 7 p.m.) was discussed, but after finding out the cost would be $1,200, city officials are leaning more toward taking out advertisements in local newspapers instead.

The city has contracted with Fairway Advertising for one year to display the billboard. The billboard, which was put up in April, is displayed on the opposite side of the interstate just after the U.S. 176 exit traveling west.

The city decided to place a billboard on I-26 after several businesses attended a meeting earlier this year saying the city needs to draw more visitors. Downtown merchants helped with the billboard process, and Wanda Wofford created the original artwork.