Memories, good and bad

Published 1:18 pm Friday, October 15, 2010

Once again our tale begins with a phone call from a dear lady who wishes to remain anonymous.&bsp; She has been an animal advocate for a very long time and would not have called me unless it was serious. &bsp;

Lennie, I have an emaciated female Boxer that Ive just brought to Doctor Raines at Landrum vet. Shes not quite as bad as your Pippi was, but close.&bsp; The thought of Pippi (now Ari) brought back memories that immediately filled me with anger and compassion.

Whats the story dear? I asked.&bsp; Ive been trying to feed her for a while, but she keeps getting worse and worse. I finally got the owners to turn her over to me and I immediately turned her over to the vet.

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I dont have the funds to handle this Lennie, she went on, Perhaps you can do something for her?&bsp; I could sense the tears in her voice as she spoke. My funds are getting low too, I replied, but Ill see Dr. Raines and Tiny tomorrow and well work something out, dont worry. God bless you Lennie.&bsp; God bless you too, I replied.

The very next morning, I rushed over to see Tiny. I was on pins and needles hoping this poor girl was alright. When I arrive at the vets, I was immediately led to the cages to view Tiny and speak with Dr. Raines. &bsp;

I opened the cage and held her in my arms and immediately sent up a prayer. Dear Lord, please help us to help this sweet girl.&bsp; Tiny was at least 25 to 30 pounds underweight and all her bones were protruding. I tried my best to hold back the tears because when I start I get poor Donna and the whole staff going. She began wagging her tail this morning, Donna said over my shoulder.&bsp; Of course she did, I smiled, somewhere in there I know theres a beautiful Boxer. &bsp;

All sorts of food was in her cage, but it seemed she was only picking at it.&bsp; I gave her a kiss and closed the cage, Lets hope its only food, I said turning towards Donna, I cant afford anything major right now. We do owe you one, dont we, Lennie?&bsp; Donna replied, flashing me her cutest angelic smile. Would you? I replied, beginning to lose the battle of tears.&bsp; You bet, she answered, weve got this one, and I again got to hug one of my great ladies.

Dr. Raines began to take Tiny home to keep a close eye on her and on Friday, October 8th, I received a call from her.&bsp; Lennie, she began, Tiny is having trouble keeping food down, shes begun to throw it up.&bsp; Im going to do an exploratory surgery this afternoon to see whats going on. Thanks, Donna, Ill be there first thing tomorrow morning to see what you found out. &bsp;

True to my word, I was there first thing and was led directly to Tinys cage as Donna and I spoke. Hows she doing? I asked as I opened the cage and sat in with Tiny.&bsp; She had a blockage, we believe it may have been the backbone of a rabbit. Shes clear now and we even spayed her while we were in there. The poor thing looked so pitiful it broke my heart, but now my hopes were raised. &bsp;

Youre the best Donna, I said and then I added jokingly, If I werent in love, Id be in love.&bsp; We laughed which is something we both needed and even poor Tiny wagged her tail a bit at the exchange.

Prayers have already been sent so keep your fingers crossed and Ill keep you posted in the future.

Thanks for listening.