Building unity is big deal for Polk cross country

Published 2:37 pm Friday, September 24, 2010

Polk Countys running programs share a unique aspect not evident in most school systems, the middle school runners train each day with Polk Highs varsity squads. &bsp;

At a meet hosted by North Henderson High School, Thursday, Sept. 16, both squads were able to cheer each other on at the same venue. There are only a couple meets each season that allow our teams to see each other run. These are our special meets that go a long way in building team unity for Polk County. Meet organizers awarded metals for the top seven finishers and T-shirts for the top 10 in each division.

The middle school runners competed against other conference teams on the 2-mile race course. The boys team finished third overall behind Flat Rock and Hendersonville.

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The following runners scored points for the Wolverines:

Eli Hall 13:09, Sean Doyle 13:19, Jacob Wolfe 13:48, Daniel Painter 15:02, Matthew Lochamy 15:35.&bsp; Also competing: Jake Russell 16:16, Dustin Bradley 17:16, Will Spencer 17:18, Cory Skipper 17:50, Price Marshall 19:20, Dustin Calvert 19:43, Jonathan Raines 20:11, Addison Richards 20:54, Zach Blanton 21:34, Marco Trejo 21:53. &bsp;

Scoring for the Lady Wolverines:

Jessica Bentley 17:07, Emma Wagner 18:21, Maribel Santibanez 18:29, Rebecca Price 19:31, Esmerelda Trejo 19:37.&bsp; Also competing for Polk: Brandi Cordell 20:37, Kassidy Reynolds 20:46, Carolyn Couch 20:47, Ellyn Amato 20:48, Kayley Price 21:05, Kianna Petty-Davis 21:29, Grace Marshall 21:34, Hannah OBrien 22:36.

The varsity girls met conference competition for the first time this season on the 3.1 mile course. The Wolverines settled for second overall, following strong finishes by the Madison Patriots.

Scoring for the Wolverines:

Ashley Lynch 22:01 a new personal record (PR), Rebecca Elliott 22:31(PR), Kari Malkki 24:04, Cabot Lee Petoia 24:05, Casey McDowell 25:03.&bsp; Also competing: Kara Garvin 25:17, Anna Koenig 26:26, Nancy Silva 26:49, Leigh Deavor 26:51, Lorena Ferrand 27:09, Hannah Cantrell 27:28, Jamie Hrobak 27:49, Alessandra Akers 28:29, Abigail Hall 28:48, Kathryn Smith 29:41, Isla Neel&bsp; 30:04, Bronwyn Pellatt 32:19, Emily Hardin 35:30, Cassie Couch 37:31, Olivia Clayton 39:41.

The Polk Mens team finished third behind East Henderson and Shelby.&bsp; Wolverine scorers:

Ricky Mozqueda 18:55, Andy Conner 19:49, Flynn Chapman 20:24, Bruce Butler 20:32, Jacob Collins 21:43.&bsp; Also competing: Eric Lauer 21:55, Kelby Orr 21:50, Dylan Walker 22:27, Kyle Whitson 22:28, William Morse 22:45, Cabell Brand 22:43, Robby Franklin 22:57, Nicholas Morse 22:58, Sam Vining 23:09, Nelson Leonard 24:07, Stephen Staley 24:10, Andre Kohlberg 24:53, Carlos Chavez 25:37, Conner OHearn 27:46, Daquan Williams 30:28, Chad Painter 30:31, Jonathan Martin 30:41.

The PCHS teams next race Hagen Stone Park in Greensboro this Saturday.