A day in the life

Published 3:11 pm Friday, September 10, 2010

It is Tuesday morning, August 31st and Im preparing to leave my home, having planned out my schedule, when the phone rings. The day is busy, perhaps I should let the answering machine pick it up and see whats at hand later when I have some time. Im off to Bonnie Brae to check on Randy Grobes Chows as promised and to pay for some medicine I ordered for one of my foster pups.&bsp; Then to the Red Cross to pay for vouchers I ordered for a wonderful pet safety program they are hosting.&bsp; Next stop is to F. H. S. to visit Iris, a sweet little Shepherd mix whos begun bouncing around in her pen like a pogo stick. Shes been with other dogs, but has started to get a bit kennel weary. My goal is to get her up to Dogwood Farms for a week or so of R&R.&bsp; Josh has done wonders for some of my kids, especially Hugo, my beautiful white American Bulldog.

Dogwood Farms will be next on my schedule. Then off to Landrum vet to visit Collins, whod begun his heartworm treatment.&bsp; Hopefully, Ill have some time to visit with a few of the neighborhood vendors whove been so supportive of my cause. If not, Ill put that off till tomorrow. The phone is still ringing and against my better judgment I pick it up as it may be an emergency.&bsp; I speak with a lady who tells me of a little Chihuahua whos in trouble.&bsp; It seems little Boomer, the Chihuahua mentioned, got into a scuffle with their Golden Retriever over who knows what and now needs extensive hip surgery.&bsp; She is not calling for herself, but for a worker who cannot afford the $1200 estimate given at the Hendersonville clinic. I advised her to take Boomer to her local vet to see if they could do what is needed for less and have them call me. &bsp;

Later that day, I get a call from Doctor Evans at Gods Creatures, Hi Lennie, Ive examined Boomer and the operation is pretty straight forward.&bsp; We could get it done for around $500-$600.&bsp; Great Jennie, youre the best, Ill be in first chance I get to visit Boomer and give you a check for $600 to cover costs. That evening, I received a call from Boomers owner thanking me. I also received a message from the initial caller who thanked me for helping and apologized for missing my fundraiser, asking when the next one will be. It started five minutes ago was my reply.

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I have the medicine for my foster pup and met Randy Grobes 9-year-old Chows, Woofie, the male is high heartworm positive. Ive let Randy know Id assist if needed. The vouchers have been paid for at the Red Cross.&bsp; Ive visited Iris up at Dogwood Farms and shes doing wonderfully. My boy Collins at Landrum vet is also doing great; he is a must see for anyone whos interested.&bsp; I did get to visit and thank some of the neighborhood vendors, but that didnt come till later in the week.

Gods Creatures has their check and my visit with Boomer made it all worthwhile.&bsp; The poor boy has hook worms and the operation was held off until theyre treated, but hes doing fine, Ill let you know how it turns out.&bsp; Thats it for now, well see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for listening.