One more time around

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Collins came to us sometime in February and I remember distinctly the day Cowboy, who is Mike Herman, our Animal Control Officer, brought him in.&bsp; Collins was a stray who seemed to be in excellent health.&bsp; We deemed him a boxer/pitt mix of around 2 years of age. Not only was he healthy, but he was super friendly and we had high hopes he would be retrieved. Unfortunately, as with too many other cases such as his, he wasnt claimed. Its only conjecture on my part, but the members will bear me out. &bsp;

More than likely he was just dumped somewhere and had to fend for himself.&bsp; The good thing was that Collins loves people and was a very easy catch. Collins passed all behavioral tests with flying colors and to our delight was adopted fairly quickly.

Fast forward to August and some traumatic things happened with his adopters that I am not at liberty to go into. At times, such as these, the poor dog doesnt know whats going on; it kind of reminds me of Cane from my story Whose fault is it.&bsp; Collins wound up at another house where we suspect he was tied up and as a result lost some weight and became high heartworm positive. He wound up back at F.H.S. and when I saw him and learned what had happened, my heart sank.&bsp; I went in to visit him an he was just as beautiful and friendly as when I just knew him.&bsp; I immediately took him out of the shelter and got him over to Landrum vet and began his heartworm treatments. I visited him just before he began his first treatment and took him for a walk and he did his duty like the good boy he is.&bsp; I told him that this time Uncle Lennie will try his best that a new forever home for him will be just that, a forever home.&bsp; I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his snout and he gave me a quick lick of approval.

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My fundraiser was a rousing success and a great time was had by all. I cant thank all those who gave enough.&bsp; I especially wish to thank all the wonderful establishments in Tryon and Landrum who donated such great gifts for me to auction and raffle off.&bsp; In these hard times, I am moved deeply by their support. When I began this mission, I prayed hard for the Lord to show me the way so I could make some small difference to help His beautiful creatures who have no voice of their own. He has blessed me with the talent and the knowledge to make things happen.&bsp; He has taught me how to fly, but I could never stay aloft without all of you. You are most definitely the wind beneath my wings.

Collins is just one example of what I do with your money.&bsp; I hope you approve and I pray that we can find him a good and loving home this time around.&bsp; May God bless you all.

Thanks for listening.