In review

Published 3:03 pm Friday, August 27, 2010

Ive made the trip up to New York and back to be with family and put my brother to rest.&bsp; Ill be eternally grateful for your prayers.&bsp; It is a part of life each of us must go through; I am saddened, but relieved that his pain has ended.&bsp; For now, there is a large hole in my universe, but the Lord will close it as He always does.

Im privileged to work with a great group of people at F.H.S. and I love each and every one of them.

To the staff, I cant thank you all enough, not only for your condolences, but for juggling your schedules and covering for me during these trying times. I could never do the work I do without your support, bless you all.

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Now let us review, for in all things life must go on:

The last three tales that were told were about Hooligan, Bowser and Queenie. As for Queenie, I guess there arent as many snake lovers as I thought. Ive been told by some to please keep my tales on dogs and cats. I hate snakes. &bsp;

But for those of you who care, she is free, well and hopefully gobbling up rattlers and copperheads as is her role in life.

The famous Hooligan has been adopted to the delight of all who knew and worked with him. The new owners were kind enough to call me and let me know how wonderfully he was doing with the rest of their group. Hoolie will forever remain in our hearts. Thank you Jean for calling and for caring, may that sweet boy add a great deal of joy and love to your lives.

Depicted in the photo is my boy Bowser with Tess, his new playmate.&bsp; Shortly after his tale, I would if I could, I was contacted by Valerie, a boxer owner, who had recently lost Chip, her 11 year old Boxer.&bsp; She wished to meet Bowser and hoped he could be a new playmate for her Tess. After being assured that shed be a responsible owner and had proper facilities for him, we met up at Landrum vet. When I brought Bowser out to meet her, it was love at first sight on both ends. Later, the Tess meeting also went well and I gave her one week to be sure things went well.

Ive recently visited and turned over all Bowsers papers and tags to Valerie.&bsp; Bowser now has a very large fenced in area with which to roam, a wonderful playmate and a loving owner, God is good.

My good friend, Randy Grobe, has told me of three dogs he has down at Bonnie Brae, which I will check on soon. &bsp;

My boy Cosmo is still being lovingly fostered at more dear friends, Ray and Cindy, as I continue to find him a forever home. My last visit to F.H.S. showed we again have a packed facility. Ive once written that there just too many wounds and not enough band aids.

I hope to see many of you at Harmon Field for this years fund raiser.&bsp; God willing, together we can save more lives.

Thanks for listening.