Home school numbers rise again in Polk County

Published 12:23 pm Monday, August 16, 2010

The number of home schools in Polk County keeps growing.

There were 172 home schools serving 330 students in Polk County in the 2009-2010 school year, according to statistics released recently by the N.C. Department of Administrations Division of Non-Public Education. Thats up from 166 home schools and 319 Polk home school students the year before.

The number of home schools has steadily increased across the state since home-schooling became legal in 1985, going from 381 schools that year to nearly 43,316 schools today.

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In Polk County, the number of home schools students has risen from 12 in 1988-89, to 106 in 1998-99. By 2006-07 there were 305 students in 151 schools. The rate of increase has slowed since then.

The number of home schools that claimed a religious base last year, 28,393, is slightly down as a percentage of the total, to 65.6 percent across the state. There were 14,920 independent home schools.

Home schools are defined in G.S. 115C-563(a) as a non-public school in which one or more children of not more than two families or households receive academic instruction from parents or legal guardians, or a member of either household.