Hope others will also avoid shopping at new Dollar General

Published 7:45 pm Monday, August 9, 2010

To the Editor:

I was thrilled to see Meghann Johnsons letter concerning wholesale disregard of Tryons historical and cultural character in general, and the abomination being built on the Sunnydale property on our main thoroughfare in particular. I actually had meant to write long ago, but didnt (no excuses). &bsp;

What we have here is an affliction that is rampant throughout our country greed. Greed on the part of the DG folks who feel they need a store every four miles (what other business model supports this?), and on the part of the administration of the Town of Tryon who are so hungry for the ever-loving dollar.

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So hungry, in fact, that they repeatedly tried involuntary annexation, spending more money on their failed attempts than they would have netted for a long time from the additional taxes. Then there was the increase in water rates to discourage water usage during a time of drought, followed soon by a panic when people actually used less water and revenues decreased (duh), then an attempt to raise rates again.

In any case, the sellout to DG for money, money, money would, if this were applied to a female, be called prostitution. This is simply wrong-headed. Perhaps we should think of creative ways to decrease the cost of doing town instead of selling it to the highest bidder.&bsp; And arent there architectural and historical preservation ordinances (Sunnydale, as Ms. Johnson pointed out, is more than 50 years old)?

While ranting about the DG abomination, Ill respond to Pieter Terwillegers letter, also. I was amused at first with his equating the behemoth to an airplane hangar, ice skating rink, etc. And I agree with him wholeheartedly. However, further into his letter he criticizes the planners who let this happen while promoting street lights, sidewalks, etc. &bsp;

Well, Mr. Pieter, you should have done your homework. The design and planning you allude to was/is a project of Tryon Downtown Development Association, an organization composed solely of volunteers. These folks (hundreds of them over the past ten years) have donated their time, effort and money to try to recapture and maintain the character of Tryon. At a TDDA meeting early this year, a TDDA committee chair attempted to ask a question about the impending DG, only to be interrupted by a town official present at the meeting, and told something to the effect that, Forget it, this is going to happen. Perhaps we could keep November 2011 in mind.

I am very upset about what is happening here and am willing to get involved where I can be of help. I live in the township of Tryon, not the town, but I feel that I have the right to stick my nose in town business. I do as much of my shopping as possible in Tryon, going to IGA, Owens Pharmacy, Cowans Hardware, etc., first for whatever I need.

And I pay exorbitant rates for the privilege of using Tryon water. So, town business is my business. &bsp;

By the time this is printed in the TDB, it will be too late to do anything about DG, its disgraceful appearance and the light pollution it will create, except to avoid shopping there. I sincerely hope that others will do the same, and that the store will fail. After all, one need only to drive four miles or so to shop at another one, if one absolutely must.

And maybe we need a skating rink more than yet another discounter.

Linda Pressley Campbell