They too have feelings

Published 3:29 pm Friday, July 30, 2010

If youd be so kind to once again indulge me, Id like to begin todays tale by referring to my story, Somewhere.&bsp; In spite of all the programs we have set up and are utilizing, we are once again deluged with kittens and puppies.&bsp; We must do better. Today for reasons, I hope to make clear we will focus on the kittens.

We at F.H.S. have always emphasized the fact that we would prefer that you do not de-claw your cats and kittens.&bsp; We find this procedure barbaric and often times the results are not pretty.&bsp; Besides the obvious pain and discomfort, other problems often arise.&bsp; It is not always the case, but these are some of the things we know occur.&bsp; A perfectly calm and loving cat will become prone to biting when touched.&bsp; They may refuse to use the litter box again.&bsp; They may refuse to bond and become secretive and elusive. Things that are natural to them, they may avoid, such as playing with toys, using a scratching post or jumping on and off of things.&bsp; These may be some of the reasons why people choose to de-claw their cats.

This year we have set up a new policy wherein a person adopting a cat or kitten must sign a form stating that under any circumstances they will not de-claw an animal.&bsp; We have done this for two reasons: the first is obvious, we feel it is barbaric, secondly, over the years we have received many cats at the shelter that have been de-clawed because their behavior has changed to one of those that I have mentioned.

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We strive with all our might to see that our animals wind up in loving and safe environments.&bsp; At the moment we are giving away cats and kittens for free

because of over crowding, to proper homes. The operative word here is proper.&bsp; A proper home means both physically and psychologically.&bsp; I have been told that de-clawing does not hurt the cat and they live perfectly good lives.&bsp; In some cases that may be so, but its funny that no one has ever asked the cat that question.&bsp; As much as we desire to find homes for all of our animals, heres my advice to those who wish to de-claw (so they wont jump, scratch or play with things) GET A STUFFED TOY.

The photo depicted is of sweet Lisa who was de-clawed after papers were signed that this would not occur.&bsp; After being mutilated, she was returned to us because she wouldnt use the litter box.&bsp; Shes a loving girl and will learn, shes already showing signs of that.&bsp; We will find her a home because not only is she beautiful, she is sweet, but she must now always be an inside cat.

Please out there, before you make the decision to de-claw, ask for professional advice on the matter.&bsp; Better still, put yourself in the cats position and ask it how it feels.&bsp; Visit sweet Lisa and all our feline kids, shes for free and has lots of purrs left in her.

Thanks for listening.