Western Carolina Hunter Pace Series year end gathering

Published 3:37 pm Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sixty-seven riders pre-registered and/or came out to support Handicapped Athletes Learning to Enjoy Riding (H.A.L.T.E.R.), earn a WCHPace Series wild card, enjoy the trails at the Biltmores West Range, socialize with fellow riders and take part in the year end gatherings second awards presentation ceremony.

Elizabeth Bush and her crew of workers at the Biltmore Equestrian Center helped with the event. For the second time, proceeds from the WCHPace Series Gathering went to benefit HALTER, the Spartanburg-based Therapeutic Riding Program.

The Poker Ride was done with a twist you had to earn your cards by correctly answering horse related trivia questions.&bsp; Teams who didnt like the cards they had drawn, or hadnt correctly answered enough questions for a good hand, were allowed to purchase up to three additional cards (all to benefit HALTER, of course).

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The best hand a Diamond Flush (A, 2, 4, 9, 10) was earned by Victoria Bailey, Kelly Cannon, Khrystynna Hunsinger and Amanda Stickley, who won two day passes to ride at the Biltmore Equestrian Center.

Second place a straight (Queen high) was drawn by Suess Fraser and Gwen Hunter who won two metallic finish 8×12 photos of their choice from the WCHPace galleries to be chosen by the end of November 2010.

Third place two pairs (Aces and Jacks) was turned in by Debra Kennerly and Jennifer Smith who won two metallic finish 8×10 photos of their choice from the WCHPace galleries to be chosen by the end of November 2010.

Fourth place two pairs (Kings and eights) were drawn by Susan Haslam and Connie Moore who won two 5×7 photos of their choice from the WCHPace galleries to be chosen by the end of November 2010.

Also out to enjoy the trails, trivia, camaraderie, support HALTER and earn their Wild Card for the 2010-2011 series were Deanna Baldwin, Julie Bates, Kathy Bethka, Baiba Bourbeau, Heather Brannan, Carrie Britt, Chris Britton, Sharon Carden, Jeanne Clark, Christa Cloud, Maxine Cook, Amy Corbett, Hunter, Liz, Ron and Taylor Crawley, Stephanie Culbertson, Ruth Ann DeHollander, Jan Ellis, Kelley Featheringill, Brock and Lori Fleenor, Teresa and Tomas Gimenez, Tammy Hannah, Duane and Harlene Harm, Rodney Hawk, Elizabeth and Lacey Hein, Sarah Hendricks, Tracey Hudson, Susie Justus, James Kennedy, Beatrice Lamb, Linda Latimer, Janet LeCroy, Stephanie Lusk, Barbara Madill, Peggy McMakin, Ali Merritt, Elizabeth Morosani, Tom Morton, Morgan Palmer, Gail Patton, Angelika and Thomas Pluemper, Erin, Sarah and Boots Plyler, Cathy Proner, Kaylie Rizu, Genie Smith, Sue Smolka, Marcia Stacey, Eileen Taylor, Holly Nelson and Jason Thorp, Debbie Thrasher, Mary Tolles, Cathy Weaver, Alison Whitman, Sherry Wyatt and Kris Yon.

Also seen in attendance for the fun and awards presentations were Darbie Barr, Kelsey Spicer, Judy Heinlien and several familiar friends and family members.

Wondering what those equine trivia questions were?

1. What were the names of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans horses?

2. Where is the Ergot on a horse?

3. What is the fear of horses called?

4. What horse and jockey won the 2010 Kentucky Derby?

5. Who was the last Triple Crown Winner?

6. Does a horse have monocular vision or binocular vision?

7. What horse sport is often described as gymnastics on horseback?

8. The Roman Emperor Caligula is famous for many things, but he was also a horse lover, so maybe he wasnt all bad. What did he once want to do for his favorite horse, Incitatus?

The Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series is currently on summer break, but expects to start back up again on Saturday, September 11 with the Middle Tyger River Ruritans benefit for the Southeast Childrens Home. Keep an eye out for upcoming info in this paper, your email and the Western Carolinas Hunter Pace Series web site at www.WCHPace.org for the full schedule, photos and other info.

Oh, did you want the answers to the trivia questions?

1. Trigger and Buttermilk; 2. On the lower leg under the cannon bone and above the coronet;&bsp; 3. Hippophobia; 4. Super Saver with Calvin Borel aboard; 5. Affirmed in 1978; 6. Most of the time monocular, but when looking down its nose a horse has binocular vision like humans; 7. Vaulting; 8. Appoint him consul to Rome.