German ad campaign features local photo

Published 7:31 pm Monday, July 12, 2010

An old caboose long out of use on South Trade Street in Tryon, and a local couple about to be married, are now featured in a German advertising campaign encouraging people to use public transportation.

Last winter, Elisabeth Moore, daughter of Columbus resident Lindsey Moore and star of the Tryon Little Theater stage, offered to do an engagement celebration photo shoot with a 1940s theme for her sister, Whitney, also a TLT star, and her fiance Matthew Mayer.

Luckily, Whitney and I have always loved that era, so we were well equipped with clothing and props, she recalled. We found my grandfathers tux and coat in our attic and were surprised to find that not only was it in excellent condition, but it fit Matthew (who is 65) perfectly, and hell actually be wearing it for the wedding! &bsp;

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We went to the Landrum depot and the caboose near The Hungry Fox. It was freezing and very windy. Everyone was trying to not look freezing and miserable. I had a scarf wrapped around my hands, which were holding my camera. Im sure people who drove by were wondering what the heck we were doing.

Matthew and Whitney were in the same chemistry class at Northwest High School in Greensboro, N.C. &bsp;

Three years after that chemistry class, after losing touch with Whitney, he was driving through the area after a camping trip at Pisgah and contacted Whitney, Elisabeth said. He stayed at our familys house on the drive back to N.C. State.

The rest is a new familys history.

Mathew attended N.C. State and majored in Biology and now attends the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Hes going to dental school and plans to graduate in the spring of 2012.

For their engagement shoot, Elisabeth posed the couple at the caboose on Bird Mountain and then posted the pictures on her online Flikr photo album.

As the months went by, I simply forgot about them, she recalled. Then, a month ago, I received an email from Prof. Dr. Heiner Monheim and the Spurwechsel Team at the University of Trier, Germany. This group of students have an exhibit called Spurwechsel Ideen for einen innovativen ov. Translation: Changing Tracks Ideas for Innovative Public Transport. &bsp;

Their goal is to strengthen the passion for public transportation by presenting innovative traffic concepts to local and regional traffic companies, cities and municipalities, associations and people who are linked to public transport. They want people to realize that there is a better, cleaner and more effective way to move around than by a car.

They saw my photograph on Flickr and thought it would be a great image to use on the poster to promote their traveling exhibition. The poster says: ffentlicher Verkehr which means public transportation.&bsp; Verkehr is also a sophisticated word for sex. The slogan can be thus understood in two ways. They want to grab the viewers attention and make them laugh.

Moore says she has been doing photography for about 1 years now,

I honestly didn’t have much interest in photography. I had dedicated myself to art (painting, sketching and mixed media), but I never tried photography, she said. When I was taking an art class at Blue Ridge, I decided to use photography for my 60-minute timed final because it would save me time and I had a better chance of completing the assignment! After that, I became completely awed by the possibilities I had with a camera! I could really use my imagination to create anything and everything I could dream of.

I am thrilled that my work will be seen across Germany to promote a great cause! Moore said. It’s a great reminder to artists that someone somewhere is connecting with your work.

Whitney and Elisabeth are now living in Chicago for a grand adventure before Whitney gets married. &bsp;

I’m looking forward to seeing how my photography will evolve while I’m up here. The feel of the city is such an inspiration! Right now I’m doing some contributing work for Verbicide Magazine, which involves album reviews, concert coverage and photography. For people who know me, they know this is a dream!

The girls have created a video and photo blog, where people can see their adventures in Chicago!

Also, Elisabeth has a website-