Published 3:28 pm Friday, July 9, 2010

Somewhere in the middle of the night, she rose and went out her special door.&bsp; It was her time and her instincts had kicked in.&bsp; She may have been a dog, but&bsp; more than likely she was a cat, but it matters not, for in times such as these, their instincts are quite similar. There was a certain smell in the air and she followed it unerringly. She knew better, but her primal drive outweighed all reason and she followed the scent void of all thought save one. She spotted him up on a knoll where he was leaving his mark and spent the rest of the night with him before making her way home.

She was now pregnant and something deep inside told her that her litter would be unwanted. On her travels, she began seeking out places where she could safely have her litter as she must protect her babies at all costs. She may find an abandoned house, an old barn or perhaps even a culvert. Anywhere she deemed safe where there was shelter.&bsp; She may even become a stray to stay with her litter.

Somewhere in one of these aforementioned places she had her litter. She did her best to nurture them, but the runt died within a week.&bsp; Chances are that the remaining four were riddled with worms and some sort of disease she picked up along the way.

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Over the next few months another succumbed to disease and parasites, one was taken by a predator and a third was struck by a truck. By now, she may have made her way home or been picked up and brought to a shelter. &bsp;

The largest and strongest of the litter somehow survived and is out there as a stray and perhaps feral.

Somewhere out there, there is a young stray who is leaving his scent up on a knoll, perhaps it is the same one where his sire once roamed.&bsp; He waits in hope that a female will come into season and be drawn to him. Surely, its bound to happen, out there, somewhere.

Somewhere is a made up story, but its scenario is all too real. Ive learned through the internet that in Columbus County, North Carolina in a town called Whiteville, theyve been euphenizing dozens upon dozens of animals due to over crowding.

Please spay and neuter your pets and support the many programs that have been set up to assist in these matters.&bsp; Times are tough and many wanted animals are being turned in, what chance do the unwanted ones have?

I think of so many cases I have seen through the years and I am but one of thousands throughout our country who fight for this cause.

Phillip, who was found on the side of the road in a food bag midst his decomposing siblings, comes to mind.&bsp; By the grace of God and many kind people, Phillip has survived and is thriving, but the very thought of it makes my heart cry out. For Gods sake, there must be an answer, Somewhere.

Thanks for listening.