Dont think I am breaking the law

Published 8:09 pm Thursday, July 8, 2010

To the Editor:

I do my best to not spend too much of my time in negative thought, but I am human and feel it is necessary and unfortunate that I write you this. To the Travelers of Highway 9. Monday through Saturday I may encounter some of you during my three- to eight-mile run, usually between 7:45 and 8 a.m. along the Highway.

On these days, Monday-Saturday when you approach me I will gladly move to the shoulder of the road to allow you to pass. The number of cars to people is much greater.

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On Sunday mornings the number of you I have the opportunity to encounter is much less. Sunday mornings the road is mine, I will not move. The empty lane coming at you could be yours, or you could choose to slow down. I think your church will still welcome you if you are five minutes late.

To those of you that may find me someday lying dead on the side of the road, I say this. I knew the risk, but keep your eye out for the car with the broken windshield from the rock that I carry in my pocket. If you are offended by the sight of me with only my running shorts on and no shirt, again I say. Sundays are mine.

I appreciate all of you who pass me and return my wave, sometimes twice during my morning runs. It means the world to me. If you ever see me running down the side of the road with my four foot log perched up over my head, its because I decided to want it more than the logging truck, (they always wave) that passed me wanted it. Please wave anyway. My hands are full.&bsp; Again it means the world to me.

I recently heard on the radio the average American male waist again this year gained another inch. Now 38.5 inches. For anyone who would like to join me and my 31-inch waist during my run, I welcome you. I dont think I am breaking the law or that my actions require a running permit to use the roads all of our tax dollars pay for. Again, I am human but I remain teachable. I welcome you to teach me if I am wrong.

Tom May