Millwood trades barbs on exit

Published 1:02 pm Friday, July 2, 2010

News reports say outgoing Rep. Joey Millwoods exit from the S.C. House of Representatives was not a quiet one.

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal reported Thursday that Millwood was involved in a heated verbal altercation with Rep. Steve Parker moments after the House adjourned. Millwood, who was defeated for the District 38 seat in a run-off with Landrums Doug Brannon in the Jan. 22 Republican primary runoff, had just been honored with a resolution thanking him for his two years of service.

Millwood reportedly followed the reading of the proclamation with a speech reiterating some of his positions and suggested that some of the Spartanburg delegation, including Parker, disagreed with the spirit of the proclamation.

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Moments later, Millwood accused Parker of working against him in the District 38 Primary.

I mentioned to him, Steve, I know what you were doing to me in the race. And I know the leadership knows, and a lot of other people know, Millwood told the Herald-Journal. Then he called me an arrogant S.O.B. but he said the words and said something about if Id gotten along more with the delegation, we wouldnt have done that.

Millwood said Parker told him the two could take it back to the office for a physical confrontation.

Parker denied to the paper that he had threatened physical violence and that he used obscenities. He also said he did not work against Millwood during the GOP primary.

However, Rick Beltram, Parkers campaign manager and former Spartanburg County GOP chairman, told the Herald-Journal that he did work for Brannon.

Parker had no involvement in Millwoods race, Beltram told the newspaper. I did, but he didnt. I think theyre blaming Parker because I was involved. I gave (Millwoods opponent, Doug Brannon) money. I put up signs. And Im proud of it.