34th Carolina Hound Show

Published 3:40 pm Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 34th Carolinas Hound Show, held Friday, June 7, took on a new venue this year. For 33 years the Carolinas Hound Show was hosted in North Carolina, most of which was in Southern Pines, then recognized as their permanent home. The site was Mile Away Farm owned by Mrs. W.O. (Ginny) Moss. As things changed and Mrs. Moss passed away a new location was sought.

How excited we were to learn that Camden agreed to be the next home for our show. What an appropriate place with the famous Springdale Race Course and its facilities. The facility lends itself well to the show with a large concrete grandstand that can be used for gatherings such as lunches, protection in bad weather and as a place to relax out of the sun with a gentle breeze drifting through. Bathroom facilities are permanent.

Kennels for the packs were constructed from the tear-down chain link fencing from the old site in Southern Pine. For the present a heavy fabric provides the roofs with plans to replace in the future.

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Participants say that it was great to see David and Lynn Dillard so relaxed and enjoying the show; a well deserved reward for their years of dedication to this show.

The event was kicked off Friday night at the Springdale Museum. All attendee enjoyed the history of racing on display at Springdale Race Course begun many years ago by Mrs. Marion DuPont Scott.

The lawn at the back of the museum was set up with tables for dinner, a buffet and refreshment area. During the evening a judging of Jack Russell Terriers was held. As the evening drew dark we knew it was time for the indistinguishable huntsmen to compete in the Horn Blowing Contest. Each huntsman blew the four familiar hunting calls in competition and the hollowing contest followed. Our huntsman Jordan Hicks blew a second place to Tony Gammell. The hollowing contest did not yield a prize for Deborah Bundy or Louise Hughston. A social evening of meeting and greeting old and new friends was then enjoyed by all.

Early the next morning the packs readied to show. The number of hunts in attendance was down this year as compared to previous years. American Hound and English were judged by Mr. J.W.Y.(Duck) Martin, of MFH Green Spring Valley; Mrs. H. Turney (Liz) McKnight, MFH, Elkridge-Hartford judged crossbred and Mr. Frank L. McCartha, AKC approved judge of hounds, sporting dogs judged Penn-Marydel. Mr. Jerry Mill, MHF, and Huntsman Junior Performance Trial Hounds and Champion of the Show who is from the Iroquois.

A win of the American Dog Hound and Reserved Champion was Kermit, the champion going to Tally, Kermits mother of Keswick Hunt and Tony Gammell, more than delighted Jordan and Jen Hicks and Tryon attendees. Tryons Opposum took a Blue in the Stallion Hound and Two of its Get. Both Jordan and Jen kept very busy ushering hounds by and forth to the ring and showing them all morning.