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Published 8:28 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

Fridays May 28, 2010 TDB had several articles and photos that interested me.

First was Garland Goodwins Remember When column.&bsp; These two&bsp; sentences stood out for me: I think we should remember them, too, by including their timely care and postwar rehabilitation in the high cost of making war. Since we acknowledge our great debt to the veterans, why dont we give them their due? The only thing Id change about that is why arent we insisting that Congress give them their due?

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Before I retired, I worked with combat veterans in 24 different VA hospitals. The particular veterans that I worked with were all either homeless, or had recently been homeless. Almost all of them were estranged from their spouses, their parents, and their siblings, or they had been within the past 12 months. They were veterans who served in the Viet Nam War, the first Gulf War, or Bosnia. All were trying to get their lives back and the staff at these VA hospitals who worked with them were some of the most dedicated people Ive seen in over 30 years of working in rehabilitation. I appreciate you Garland for your column and your insight into an issue that needs the publics attention.

The next article was by Pat McCool that gave a brief insight into the lives of Furman and Herman Walkers determination to get into NC State and what they did there. Through their determination and more than a little good luck, they were able to become electrical engineers.&bsp; Although they were a little older than me, I remember going to school with them.

I also enjoyed seeing the picture of Tryons Blitzen Benz Team Wins In Nashville, I know my friend Warren Board is enjoying his role in this group and Im very happy for the teams success as well as his hard work and commitment to that sport.

I really enjoyed Fridays Bulletin. I appreciate the Bulletin for sharing all of that with me.

Neb Conner