See what you want to see

Published 8:27 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.&bsp; This was quoted from the animated movie The Point. &bsp;

All Town Council meetings should now be taped during and after the closing of the meetings.&bsp;&bsp; &bsp;

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It concerns me that when something is stated in the media, there is no back up for rebuttal.&bsp; Notes may be taken, but whos opinion are they writing? &bsp;

The newspaper let all know that Ernie Kan said that her family would have a hard time paying the new taxes, and higher water bills if they are passed.&bsp; What was the context, and the exact words used for this statement? &bsp;

In the next sentence the paper said that others expressed concern over senor citizens on fixed incomes.&bsp; The others should have been printed as Councilwoman Kan.

Ernie Kan