For God and country

Published 8:23 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

Words that at one time were the most honorable you could speak, thank goodness there are still many who continue to believe thats so. Yet today we live in a world where there are some who would have you arrested for using those two words in the same sentence.

I awoke this Memorial Day morning to a heavy downpour of rain and wondered how many barbecues and festivals would have to be curtailed or canceled.

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Would the fact that wed have less holiday partying make more people reflect on the true meaning of this day? I certainly hoped so.

I made my way to the Memorial Cemetery long before the annual ceremonies were scheduled. Under my umbrella I quietly walked among the graves on this hallowed ground whispering silent prayers of thanks to our fallen heroes. The rain continued to beat down and seemed to deepen the solemnity of the moment. I thought of all the adverse conditions our armed forces have fought under. From the bitter cold of a Korean winter to the blasting heat of an Iraqi summer. The whole world is littered with memorial cemeteries honoring our fallen who fought for the liberation of millions.&bsp; As I passed each grave I envisioned all these battles and wondered just where these brave countrymen had fallen.

My face is wet as the rain mingles with my tears. I will be back later to once again stand among old friends and veterans as they pay proper homage on this day. These men too fought for God and country and all have personal memories of fallen comrades.

At the memorial service I am pleased to see the turnout as the rain continued to fall. I was especially pleased with the young people whod come to honor their grandparents. With a sigh I thought, theres still hope. A lady I didnt know approached me and thanked me for my service. How did you know? I replied.&bsp; I just know.&bsp; Again I felt the tears and thought to myself, For God and Country, what else is there?

I leave with a final prayer, May the good Lord hold all those who fought and died so that many around this country who have forgotten them could enjoy their barbecues.

Leonard Rizzo